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Quick facts about Penny Bullion

Besides getting a good sort,
Penny Bullion thinks the most important detail to watch is preparing the shipment to arrive safely and intact.

Q: How do you sort your pennies?

A: We use high speed sorters that examines each penny's metal make up and either rejects it or excepts it depending on what we are looking for on that particular sort. This is also the answer for "How do I know the 82's in my order are copper and not zinc?", since the equipment looks at the metal and not the dates.


Q: Is PayPal my only option to pay?

A: For your convenience, we have many payment options available in addition to Paypal. You can use a credit card, but currently this option is only available over the phone. You can also use a check or money order which will take time to clear.


Q: Can I order by phone?

A: Yes. Between the hours of 10:00 and 3:00 CST most days. 479.872.7102


Q: How long until they lift the melt ban on pennies and nickels?

A: The government has provided no clear indication on when this may happen. However, whether it occurs in couple of months or a couple of decades copper pennies will continue to be a wise investment for many people like yourself. We encourage you to continue investing some part of your portfolio in this low-risk, tangible asset.


Q: How long do you think it will be before pennies reach (x) times face value?

A: Since copper pennies are our business we get asked this question a lot. The markets are unpredictable so we can not say with any certainty when they will be worth a particular value. However, we can look at the history of copper prices in relation to the USD to see the long-term trend of copper prices is steadily rising.