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Welcome to Penny Bullion!

We are excited about our new look and this new website. We hope to make it informative and fun to come to on a regular basis. We are here to sell our copper penny bullion to be sure, but we are also trying to develop a program to buy pennies from smaller sorters to give them a marketing option other than eBay or their own personal efforts.

We hope to add links to blogs and articles about penny sorting and hoarding. We also have plans to link to or host videos of our operation for those who are interested in how we do it in our operation.

Thanks for visiting! If you have questions please fill out one of the contact forms on one of the following pages and maybe we'll add your question to the FAQ's.

Quick facts about Penny Bullion

Parent Company in continuous operation for over 20 years

Brick and mortar in Beautiful Springdale, Arkansas

Tons and Tons shipped or delivered annually